Lost and rambling
I wonder
tied to a star that ignores me.

I am a planet
I hold life in me
with conflicts,
lots of worlds in me
I’m the land of melancholy.

I am a planet
with gravity that invites to a clash of stars,
with gravity yes, but moonless.

I am the only planet
from a forgotten system
life in me is simple…
far from science,
absent from gods, and named symbols.

Ancient and lonely,
forgotten and eternal
I am rock, and yet ethereal.

I dance the endlessness rhythm of time
waiting for that big collapse (no one has promised me).


I hear the pulsars
so I write my days.

Lyrics of Sadness
feeling the cold of dead stars,
joy and rebirth of galaxies.

I am a planet
I am The Planet!
despite my loneliness,
I know I’ve read…
someone observes me from long distance
and knows me so well.

I am a Planet
I know because someone is there
yet erratic
in peace without rest.

And Yes,
(must admit it)
I am tied and anchored
to her strong contempt.

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